• Presentation approach

    When you submit your abstract, you will be able to choose your preferred presentation approach:
    Oral Session, Traditional (Paper) Poster Session, Electronic Presentation Session. 

    The characteristics of these sessions are: 
    ORAL SESSIONS are 20 minute lectures followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. The recommended le types for Oral are MS Power Point and Adobe PDF.

    NEW Software demonstrations are eligible to Oral Sessions, with the understanding that the presentation must comply with the 20 + 5 minutes duration constraint.

    NEW Some interactive sessions will be included in the program ; such sessions will be in the format of mini-workshops with three presentations followed by an interactive discussion between authors and audience, around the theme selected for each of those sessions.

    TRADITIONAL POSTER SESSION presentations are run for several days and are centered on the presenter’s hardcopy display. The recommended size is A0 portrait format (841x1189 mm, 33.1x46.8 inch, same with 16 sheets of A4 size). It can’t exceed A0 size. 
    ELECTRONIC PRESENTATIONS encompass two formats of presentation:

    Electronic Poster sessions will be supported by a conference-provided active electronic display. They will give the opportunity to interact with attendees.  The recommend file types for e-Poster are MS Power Point and Adobe PDF. In addition, Electronic Poster Sessions may include software demonstrations.

    NEW Open Access Presentations will provide a standalone access thru menus to presentations that were not submitted or selected for oral or poster presentations, or to presentations that were already presented in Oral Sessions on the previous day(s). They will be supported by a conference-provided active electronic display. Software demonstrations are not eligible to Open Access Presentations.
  • Procedure for abstract submission

    The submission of abstracts for this SpaceOps 2018 conference will be organized thru a different web site called Scholar One and managed by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). A registration is required on Scholar One, to allow the system to identify the authors and to establish links with their presentation(s): on this registration, just follow the instructions.
    Once connected on Scholar One, after selecting the “Submit an Abstract” button, you will be invited to follow a submission  process by which authors may provide additional information (e.g.: biography) and will select a presentation type and a submission Topic. Finally, they will submit their abstract and review / validate their submission. Afterwards, they will get an acknowledgement message to confirm their submission is complete and well taken into account.
    The submission process and the submission guidelines are available on Scholar One but they are also available here for an advance preparation of the submission.

    To help the authors prepare their abstract(s), it is recommended that they use the proposed template. Abstract Template and the Abstract preparation guidelines are available on Scholar One but they are also available here for an advance preparation of the submission..
    Authors having issues submitting abstracts electronically should contact ScholarOne Technical Support atts.acsupport@thomson.com or call 1.434.964.4100/1.888.503.1050

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